We are shutting down all services 2015-12-31!


We have now shut down all the services and terminated all accounts from our side. However, it is of your best interest to make sure that you cancel any subscriptions with us from your side.
Since we have been using 3rd party payment gateways we unfortunately have limited control over all the technical aspects that goes into terminating an account. Therefore; please check with the following services if you still have an active subscription with us and cancel it immediately.

The next order of business from our side is to “scrub” all servers from sensitive data (remove and delete licensed software), we will commence this in about 2 weeks – so if you still have not made a copy of your settings please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we can retrieve it but after these 2 weeks it will for certain be impossible.

Thank you all for your support and kind words in our time of need. We wish you all a great new year with 2016!

It is with great sadness that we have to inform our awesome customers that we will be closing down all of our hosted services by the end of the year.

This affects all game and voice services (Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Hardline, TeamSpeak 3, Mumble, Procon Layer) no matter if they are rented, sponsored or part of our community.


There are several reasons for this. The most important one being that it is unfortunately not sustainable to drive a profitable business hosting gaming services within our market share. We have over the past year not been able to cover our costs and tried all kinds of different solutions to remedy this – all, regretfully, unsuccessful.

In the past we were able to cover some of the costs from other parts of our business (game server marketing for companies – such as <a large retail store in Sweden> and <a large gaming peripheral company>) but since we lost our biggest customer this year we have been unable to recover, despite our hardest efforts.

This has led to a lot of grief for you, our loyal customers. We have been clearly affected by the reality of the situation and have had a hard time finding motivation to put in the time needed in the company. The support has suffered, our quality has gone down and all of this have had a spiralling effect, making things worse over time.

We sincerely apologize to those of you who have been affected by this.
We truly hope that you understand that we have tried everything in our power to re-energize the company.

We have been looking for new games to host, brought new people in to take care of the support, put in countless of late nights to fix problems and replaced some of our legacy systems. However, the attempts have been fruitless and since we are not making any money (none of us have a salary from this company) the options we have had to our disposal have been very limited.

We do not expect you to understand completely our situation. After all, you have paid for a service and deserves to be treated professionally no matter what. However, we can only hope that you have some compassion for our history and our original intentions. You have to remember that we did not start out as a traditional game hosting company. We started this venture by forming Sweden’s largest gaming community that we hoped would be financed by companies that had interest in being associated with gamers. We put up fully managed servers with high quality hardware and passionate administrators. We was part of the gaming community, dating back to 1999, and have sponsored countless of clans, communities and taken part of a lot of interesting projects throughout the years that many of you enjoy still to this date (i.e. <one of the world’s largest LAN event>). So, the server hosting was only a way for us to learn more about game servers and also to have a better foundation to stand upon. Sadly, it is not enough to keep the company going – and that is why we need to shut down.

If you want to know more about the situation, the company or lessons learned. Feel free to post on Facebook and I will personally try to answer all posts (but please bare in mind that I might not have the time to do it directly).

Practical information

As stated all game and voice services are affected.

  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Battlefield 3*
  • Battlefield 4*
  • Battlefield: Hardline*
  • TeamSpeak 3
  • Mumble
  • Procon Layer
You will have until the end of December this year (2015-12-31)* to copy all settings and move to another host.
We encourage you to do this as soon as possible to make the transition for your gamers as smooth and painless as possible.

There are several game hosting companies that you can choose from; we suggest either GameServers, i3D or Multiplay (in no particular order). These are all companies with worldwide locations and that has the volume to make this business somewhat profitable.

* Please note that Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline might be shut down earlier due to legal agreements.

You are allowed to copy everything that you can access from us today, we unfortunately cannot give you direct access to the servers (over i.e. FTP) since that is a breach of contract.

A special note on Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline is that we, for the same reason as above, cannot give you access to the serverID.dat file.

We will try our best to answer any questions you might have but we will need to prioritize the move and urgent matters in order to meet the dead-line.

Do not forget to remove any subscriptions to us that you might have set up through PayPal, Payson, Stripe, MOSMS and Wobtel. We will of course try to do this for you but just to be sure.


Credits and remaining time will be difficult for us to refund. We have claimed in our terms of service that we do not refund any credits (https://www.rocketblast.com/tos/); however, will will try to be flexible on this in some cases.

If you strongly feel that you are entitled to a refund you will have until December 15 to make a claim and we will deal with it on a case by case basis.

In order to make a claim please email support@rocketblast.com and include the word “Refund: ” in the beginning of the title. In order to make the process faster please include as much info as possible in the email.

The simple reason for us not being able to refund all at this point is because we are trying to avoid putting the company in bankruptcy, having a 3rd party settle all outstanding debts.